Shopping Healthy

Bringing home the right foods will be critical to cooking healthy.


Learn to appreciate and start implementing super foods into your healthy diet.

Healthy Pregnancy

Learn what you should be eating prior to and during pregnancy.


Feel Happy, Healthy, and Fabulous Today!

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Start feeling Happy, Healthy, and Fabulous!

What does Health Coaching with me look like?

In a session with me you will explore your health goals and desires one step at a time. You will find ways to incorporate healthy patterns in your everyday life. In each session we will focus on your specific desires for your overall health. Not everyone should or can be eating the same foods because every person is different. You will learn more about your body and ways to live the healthy lifestyle that best suits you!

Why should you work with me?

Digestive Issues: Have you experienced uncomfortable digestive issues and can't seem to understand HOW to get better? I have been there and I have found the foods that are "medicine" to my body and the foods that are "poison" to my body. In my journey I have overcome chronic digestive problems. I will work with you to determine which foods are good and bad for your body to help promote a healthier and more energetic you!

Healthy Pregnancy: Have you been trying to get pregnant? Or maybe you are pregnant and want to learn how to have a healthy pregnancy? I get many questions from new moms or moms-to-be about what they should be eating be healthy for themselves and the baby. Work with me to learn healthy foods prior to and during pregnancy.

Intentional Healthy Living: Have you wondered what foods are best for your body? What about how to shop for foods at the grocery store? Work with me to learn what foods your body needs and to make shopping easier for you.

If you feel that you are stuck in your current lifestyle and are ready for a change then complete a FREE health history today to find your medicine for your body.

My passion!

I have a deep passion for helping others find which foods are "poison" to their body and helping them choose foods that complement their body and make them feel Happy, Healthy, and FABULOUS! I have also had an AMAZING pregnancy and desire to share with others how to get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy, and continue eating healthy for you and baby. With these passions I have learned how to best help each of you through difficult times. I want to help you live a FABULOUS life through not only food but your overall lifestyle!