My list of whys!

Here I explain why I do the things I do. I hope you find them not only entertaining, but both educational and inspiring. Enjoy!

Why I ... Became a Health Coach

Health awareness and good nutrition have captured my attention for some time, partly because of personal health challenges and partly because I enjoy helping others. Becoming a certified American Sign Language Interpreter at the age of 21 launched me into the world of serving others. I enjoyed going to work every day - meeting new people. exploring new dimensions of the Deaf community. Every day was an adventure. A few years later, I was in a serious car accident the results of which caused irreparable injury to my right shoulder. My work as an interpreter became more of a challenge. Whenever I worked, my shoulder flared up and I suffered with pain for days. I consulted numerous Doctors and received various treatments with little to no results. This continued for over two years. Throughout my struggle with pain issues, I searched for information on managing chronic pain with better nutrition. The more I searched the more I discovered a new passion. The discovery was two-fold really. Better health and nutrition has helped me personally and I truly believe that it can help others too. I look forward to applying what I have learned by showing others how to live more healthy and happy. Food sensitivity is not a new thing for me. When I was a child my mother noticed different symptoms when I ate certain foods. Sometimes the symptoms would be digestive, other times they would present like allergies - stuffy nose, or congestion. I now realize that I have both gluten and dairy sensitivity. At first it was a challenge to discover ways to eat the foods I enjoy, but now after experimentation and with creativity -- I found delicious recipes featuring my favorite foods, and they are gluten and dairy free.

Why I ... Use YoungLiving Essential Oils vs. other brands

As I researched essential oil companies, I valued Young Living's cradle-to-grave mindset of retaining the highest quality oils. Young Living utilizes a process they call their "Seed to Seal" guarantee. They own their own farms, they always use the proper plant species, and they weed by hand and use their own oils for pest control. They use steam distillation and cold pressing methods to preserve the therapeutic properties of the oil. Young Living distills without using any chemicals, EVER! I trust that their essential oils are potent, 100% pure, and safe!